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ECE Centermanagement


9027 Győr, Budai út 1.

Phone: +36 96 555 000
Fax: +36 96 555 015
E-mail: info@arkadgyor.hu
Web: www.ece.com
Shop rental

Péter Rippner, Rental Manager

Phone: +36 30 507 0107
E-mail: peter.rippner@ece.com
Stall/kiosk rental

Beatrix Kovács, Business Development Specialist

Phone: +36 1 434 8239
E-mail: beatrix.kovacs@ece.com
Promotion, advertisement


Phone: +36 96 555 003
E-mail: promocio@arkadgyor.hu

In respect of other issues, please send your inquiry to info@arkadgyor.hu. Thank you. Our colleagues are ready to answer your questions.

This e-mail address is maintained for our visitors! Please do not load this mailbox with promotional offers and advertisements! Letters of such kind will not be processed or transmitted! Thank you for your understanding!

Access to the shopping centre

By local public transport

6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 12A, 14, 14B
17, 17B, 30, 30A, 31, 31A, CITY

By car or by feet

Our shopping centre is located in Győr, next to Main Road 1, for only a few meters from the heart of the city. The centre is easily accessible both by car and by feet.